The Cake

The birthday cake is probably the most exciting thing about a birthday party! 

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of baking your own birthday cake. We have a few super easy, Instagram worthy ideas to relieve some pressure.

First of all you don’t need to bake it from scratch. There are so many boxed cakes now available at your local super market along with some easy decorating tools. Never underestimate the power of lollies as decorations. Try baking together and letting your little one lick the mixing spoon while you spread the batter into the baking tin.

If baking terrifies you but you would still like play with decorating, you can purchase an already made sponge cake from Coles. It is very tasty and easy to chop and ice.

If all of this seems to much but still don’t want to pay for an expensive cake, Coles and Woolworths sell a selection of already made cakes and very reasonable prices. It seems to be the best kept secret.



Easy Numbers

What is more impressive than a cake shaped in the number your little one is turning?

Here are some easy number cake ideas-


A pull apart cake made from cup cakes

Bake a range of cupcakes and arrange them on a platter to make up your number of choice. Adding some fun coloured icing is a great way to tie your cupcake cake back to the party theme

Number added will lollies to a cake

Bake your favourite cake. Ice it with butter cream icing and add lollies to the top in the shape of your number. This is a very easy way to include the birthday girl/boy in the decorating process. There is nothing easier than adding Smarties to a cake. It is also a great exercise is colour recognition.

A variation to this idea is to place a paper cut out of your number to the top of the cake and add Hundreds and Thousands to cover the cake. When you remove the paper number you will have a beautiful number in the centre of your cake. 

Using a number tin

A number tin is an easy way to prepare your cake in a shape of a number. Don’t buy a tin for this single occasion, they are easily hired. Remember we are doing our bit in the war on waste and saving money too. Decorate as desired. Adding some small toys to the top of your cake is a great way to bring in your theme.

Using the tins you have at home to create your number

If you don’t feel like hiring or buying a number tin but the idea of a number cake rocks your world, don’t worry. Here are some ways to use your standard round and rectangle cake tin to make up your desired number of choice. 


Decorating with lollies and toys

Maybe you would prefer a themed cake but the idea of working with fondant gives you nightmares. Lollies and toys can be a great way to easily decorate a cake. 

  • Use coconut and green food colouring for the perfect looking grass. 
  • Crushed pieces of chocolate make great rocks. 
  • Strips of black liquorice are easy ways to build train tracks or apply whiskers on an animal.
  • Pieces of KitKat are great for fence palings
  • Round chocolate covered biscuits for wheels on a car
  • Jelly babies, Sours teddies and biscuit teddies are great for people.
  • Upside down ice cream cones for towers or volcanos
  • Toys are also a useful way to easily add your theme to you cake. Raid the toy box and stick on top of your iced cake


I was once asked to make a birthday cake for my nephew. He was having a pool party and wanted the beach on his cake. I decided to bake the cake, iced it (half blue for the ocean and half white for the beach. I then bought a whole bunch of different lollies and invited my nephew and his best friend to decorate as desired. They had so much fun coming up different scenarios for the people (Jelly babies) A memory we will always cherish. And the left over lollies became part of the party food table 

Decorating with paper

And even easier, ice your cake with your desired colour and add a paper printout. 

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