Party Entertainment

Making memories that will last a lifetime!

Party Entertainment

Add some extra fun with party activities to ensure your party is the best it can be. Making memories that will last a lifetime!


Let creativity rule the day with party guests participating in some fun and engaging craft activities.

Select from:

  • fun paper craft
  • cupcake decorating
  • pot a plant 


Natural and taste safe sensory play to keep your party guests entertained in open-ended, imaginative play.

Sensory play  is themed to your party and includes all sensory materials, items and figurines. Easy to set up with set up instructions and easy to tidy up with a large tarp to catch the spills.


Miss the traditional games that you used to play growing up? 

We have put together Party Crate with all our favourite, traditional party games, including:

  • reusable pass the parcel bags
  • parachute with game and song ideas
  • themed Pin The Tail