Eco-friendly Lolly Bags

If I asked you what the most irritating thing about attending a kids birthday party was, what would your answer be?

My answer – the lolly bag!

I dislike nothing more than bringing home a little plastic bag of cheap, low quality plastic toys and lollies. Even the bag itself and the bag tie irritates me and normally lands up on the car floor by my son’s feet.

I vote for no lollie bags but I also know this is an unpopular view so instead, here 12 eco-friendly party bag solutions to try for your next party:

1. Dollar store colouring books and a pack of crayons or pencils

For little ones colouring supplies are always welcome. It works out pretty budget friendly as dollar stores sell cheap colouring books and Kmart, target and Big W sell packs of crayons and pencils from $1. Kmart even has a range of colouring pencils that are branded in unicorns and dinosaurs.

It is also very easily themed – you can print out your own colouring in sheets relating to your party theme.

2. Pots of colour

Who doesn’t love plants? Just look at how well Woolworths did with their Discovery garden campaign. Pots of colour look great and are so quick and easy to purchase from your local nursery or Bunnings. What an easy splash of colour at your party!

If you have a little more time you could put together plant packs – A small pot, potting soil and a small pack of seeds.

3. Seed bombs

Seed bombs are a couple days of prep but can be a fun birthday party planning activity with your little one. You can colour them and make them in cute molds to suit your birthday party theme.

If you are able to get your hands on a cupcake or ice tray that has an interesting shape, such as stars. You could make shaped seed bombs and a little food colouring will give you a fun colour.

4. A book

Consider your theme. If you are throwing a Mr Men themed party you could purchase a box set and give one book to each child. How about adding a note encouraging them to swop books with one another after they have enjoyed reading these. Set a chanllenge – How many books can you swop and read with your friends?

5. Home made playdough

Playdough takes a little more effort but is relatively cheap, looks great if you take the time to make different colours and can you can easily match your theme by making the same colour playdough as your theme. Adding a cute cookie cutter is also great if you can find a themed one.

Please consider an eco-friendly container to hand them out in. If you take the time and effort to make your own, finding an eco friendly packaging isn’t too much extra.

6. Reusable water bottles

Save yourself supplying cups and hand out named water bottles at the start of the party.

Contact us if you would like permanent name stickers for each bottle. It is not too expensive and looks amaizing!

7. Craft kit

Is your little one a big crafter? Consider putting together a little themed craft kit for the kids to take home. Craft supplies are relatively inexpensive from a Dollar store.

How about create your own superhero mask or cape?

8. Homemade crayons

I am sure you have seen them sold at markets? Homemade crayons made by melting down crayon bits and set in fun molds. You could send each child home with the letters of their name or themed charaters for example little dinosaurs. This is also a great way to use up any old and broken crayons you have lying around the house.

9. Have a party activity double up as the lolly bag

If you are having craft activities as a party of your party entertainment, letting the kids take their craft projects home with them is enough of a present. Do they really need anything else?

Cupcake decorating is a good one!

10. Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands will be played with for hours and if you choose your materials well, they can be composted when bored with.

11. Stationery

Easier than having to create something, Kmart, Big W and Target have a range of themed stationery. It is really easy to put together a little pack. And who doesn’t love stationery?

12. Home made lip balm/bath salts

An afternoon activity but oh so much fun, make your own bath salts or lip balm with no nasty additives and sweet colours and flavors so a cute little gift. Again, please consider what you package it in. A cute tin would be lovely and you could add a sticker to the top.

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