Easter Themed Party Games

Easter is coming up. Are you a fan of Easter? Will you be throwing a party and need a few ideas for Easter themed party games?

As a child, Easter was a big egg hunt followed by a fabulous easter lunch with the extended family. Now as a mum with two boys, I am faced with personalized Easter egg baskets, special platters to leave the Easter bunny some carrots, a set of family matching Easter pyjamas, bunny teddy bears for the kids and let’s not forget the Easter-themed t-shirts. Talk about overwhelm!

And after all of that, we can’t forget the chocolate eggs. Gosh, it is a lot! Such a lot of excess, sugar and consumerism.

Now I never felt like I was missing out as a child. Maybe matching Easter pyjamas were not a thing because there was no expectation that our parents would post a family picture of us in our matching outfits on Instagram for Easter. Maybe marketers have just had the time to learn new marketing tricks.

Anyway, I think we will keep Easter the same as my childhood. We might even cut back on the chocolate a bit.

I was thinking that since we have quite a few children in our extended family that we could play some fun Easter themed games to keep the kids and the adults entertained. Here are a few that I have come across that seems perfect for an Easter themed party.

Easter Egg Colouring Bingo Party Game

This game is perfect for younger children as it involves calling out colours instead of number and letters. We have created a cute Easter game printable for you. All you need to do is print and cut.


DIY Bunny Bean Bag Toss Easter Party Game

Every Easter themed party needs a variation of Pin-the-Tail or Bean Bag Toss game. How cute and easy is this game to set up. Draw a bunny on a big piece of cardboard. Cut out two holes for the little ones to aim for. It is as easy as that.

If you don’t have bean bags, don’t go out and buy, hire a set from us.

Roll a Bunny

Have the little ones roll a die to start building their own bunny. This game doubles as a sneaky way to get the little ones practicing counting and matching.

Source: Inspiration Made Simple

Minute-to-win-it Easter edition

Put a minute on the timer and challenge the kids to move as many jelly beans as they can from one bowl to an other with a straw. A reusable or paper one please.

Source: Making life Blissful

Easter Egg Matching Game

Do you have a bunch of plastic Easter eggs stored somewhere? If yes, this game is perfect for you. If not, contact us, we have a set you can hire. Subscribe down below to download our free printable easter games to get started

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