DIY Budget Friendly Party

Budget-Friendly Party

What are the secrets to hosting a budget-friendly party for your Little One’s birthday?

This seems to be a frustrating problem for everyone, especially if your little one is in Kindergarten and you are inviting a class of 25.

Well, I am here to give you some hope. It is possible to host an awesome birthday party on a budget and without putting your household finances in jeopardy.

Venue Hire for your party

I totally get it. When you are faced with hosting a party for 25 children and the panic sets in! So you consider having the party at an indoor play centre? They have all-inclusive packages, don’t they? You won’t have to organise anything and can sit back and relax for two hours.

Here are a few disagreements with this argument:

  1. Have you ever seen a mum just sit back and relax at a birthday party, even parties at play centres?
  2. They cost a fair amount of money, and they never seem to be all-inclusive.


Skip the expensive venue hire and host the party at home or at a local park.

If you are concerned about the weather and hosting the party in a park with little cover. Consider a local community or scout hall, they are usually very reasonably priced and have great facilities.

Party Entertainment

There seems to be a large number of children’s party entertainers popping up. Everything from petting zoos to face painters. 

You do NOT need to hire entertainment for your child’s next birthday party. They add an approximate $300 to your party budget before you have even considered a theme. You don’t need to break the bank to plan a fantastically fun party for your child.

When you have a group of children together, they enjoy each other’s company and entertain each other. 

Organise two structure games for a party – pass the parcel, obstacle course, pin the tail, Parachute games, musical statues, what’s the time Mr Wolf, craft activity etc. Hosting a two-hour party with two structured games, cake and some free play will full your time. And these simple games will liven up a party more than any store-bought activities.

The Birthday Cake

Are you are sick and tired of paying for expensive custom cakes, but looking for something a bit more special than pre-made store-bought cakes? Why not make a cake at home yourself?

Perhaps baking a cake gives you Anxiety? We still have some ideas for you:

  1. Have you had a look at the Mudcake Hack Facebook pages? There are a number of Facebook pages dedicated to the ideas of taking a Coles or Woolworths mud cake and transforming it into the perfect themed birthday cake.
  2. There is a brilliant company called – Cakes 2 The Rescue. Cakes 2 The Rescue has a huge range of DIY cake kits that contain everything you’ll need to make an awesome cake for your kid’s birthday party.
  3. Add a special cake topper to a Mudcake for a budget-friendly party cake 

The Party Favours

When hosting a party for a large number of  kiddies, the cost of the lolly bag can easier add up. Opt for some budget friendly options:

  1. Bubble wands – bubble wands seem to be a winner with all ages and are super cheap. If you are looking for a personalised touch, add a themed sticker and a ‘Thank You’ tag
  2. Books -Who doesn’t love receiving a book? Plastic-free and sustainable. Catch an Aldi book sale or buy a book collection and split it up, giving one book to each party goer.
  3. Our Colouring-in Sets will make sure your budget stays on track and can be themed and personalised for any birthday child.

Party Decorations

Most parties don’t go over budget on party games, they go over on decorations, but do you really need a $200 balloon arch to have a good time? Skip the balloons and trip to Kmart. It will save your wallet and the environment. Did you know that latex balloons are only biodegradable when they are 100% latex? Most latex balloons are mixed with plasticises which means they stay around for a long, long time and are much more likely to cause some serious damage to our environment and wildlife.

You can make a party really attractive with some minimal and affordable décor. By getting creative and using household items to plan your budget-friendly party table, there’s no need to overspend. Our Party Crates and Kids Party Table Packages will ensure your party is Instagram worthy without the cost to your budget or the environment.

Rent What You Don’t Have

If you want to throw a bash but don’t have enough tables, chairs, or that big pretty drink dispenser for the party there’s no need to break the bank buying them. Especially if you won’t be using them again for months at a time.

Party rental companies like Little Ones Party Hire specialise in offering every kind of non-perishable party supply like tableware and game hire, that you may need for one day at a better price than buying the items for good. Just think about the cost of storage space.

Let’s start planning

The parties you throw when short on funds might become the most special and personal celebrations your family can share. With the fun of cooking the cake together at home, and the joy of being together you can enjoy family birthday parties this year without breaking the bank.

Let Little Ones Party hire help with affordable party hire and great deals on sustainable party bags that you might not otherwise have planned for on your tight birthday budget this year.

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