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Blippi Birthday Party

Who hasn’t been captivated by the fun lovely Blippi? So much so in this household that my little one wants a Blippi-themed birthday party for his 3rd birthday. And when a 2-year-old asks for something… well, you know. They generally get it.

On my Blippi themed party planning adventure, I discovered there does not seem to be much on the market in terms of Blippi party decorations in Australia. And unless you have 2 months on your hands to order in from America or pay a small fortune for someone to craft you something Blippi from Esty, you have blown your party budet.

So while I was planning this little get together, I thought why not share 🙂

Blippi Themed Invitations

I really didn’t find anything when it came to hunting down invitations, so I created my own. I have added them to the FREE Blippi Party printables available at the bottom of this post. I mean we shouldn’t have to struggle with the first party planning hurdle.

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Blippi Party Decorations

If you have read one of my posts before, or follow me on social media, you will know I am a HUGE fan of reusable party decorations and tableware. So of course, Little Ones Party Hire has a Blippi themed Party Crate available. 

Everything from reusable tableware, hand-crafted themed bunting, reusable tablecloths, and a Blippi themed party backdrop that will wow your guests are not available. We have it all. For smaller more personal items such as Blippi party food labels, we used our Construction Party FREE printable set. I liked how it allowed me to incorporate a little construction theme into the birthday party and, well we know. Blippi and construction go hand in hand.  

Our Blippi cutout was also a HUGE hit! If you are in Sydney, you can hire him for your next party here – Cutouts


The Cake

There are plenty of examples of fun Blippi birthday cakes. We opted for a simpler version for two reasons – It was easier and less stressful and I think there was enough going on with the bright orange and blue tablecloths that we didn’t need anything over the top. A simple white cake with a personalised cake topper was enough. Don’t forget we love making personalised cake toppers, you order yours from our shop

Party Food

Again, I didn’t go super fancy with my party food. When you have fun party decorations you can keep things like the food simple. It helps you still with your party budget and keep the whole party stress-free.

Games to keep the kiddos entertained

As I mentioned, I threw this Blippi party for my son’s third birthday, so there were a few two and three-year-olds attending. With this age group, I avoid party games that are competitive like pinatas, musical statues etc. Pass the parcel is a fun game but some little fingers may struggle with unwrapping the presents. For this party, I stuck with some fun toddler climbing equipment, some fun crafts, and sensory play.

Now the sensory play is always a winner, what little one do you know that does not enjoy it. Since my son has some friends who are incredibly stylish toddlers, I stuck with a sensory play that wasn’t going to ruin outfits. simple items like cereal.

For the climbing equipment, a party in the park is the best! If the weather is not playing ball, like the weird, rainy weather we are having at the moment, hiring some fun play equipment may be the way to go. Make sure you hire from a company that has proper insurance. We have a set of wooden play equipment available for hire but if you are looking for soft play, there are plenty of companies to choose from in Sydney. Monkey Mobile Play Center is a great little company offering soft play equipment in Sydney and the owner is based in the Shire

#support local 

With crafts, I used our kid’s party tables for some colouring-in. Easy and kids love it.

Blippi Party Bags

For young children, I stick with bubble wands and personalise them with a themed sticker and a note on how to make some extra bubble mixture. These are a very budget-friendly option and are very easy to theme. Since I added a little construction to my Blippi theme, some playdough and a little construction truck would also be an awesome little favour. 

Try not to put too much stock into the party bags. It is not what people are going to remember from the party and I find it to be the one place where people find it particularly hard to move away from the plastic rubbish that doesn’t even make it the car ride home.

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