About Little Ones Party Hire

Let’s bring back the fun to party planning!

Hi, I’m Debbie

My favourite memory from childhood is the preparation and the celebration of my birthday every year.

Birthdays were a big deal in my family. We would start about 6 weeks ahead of time and choose the perfect theme, date and place (usually our backyard) And then the real fun would begin, the invitations, choosing the party games and food and my absolute favourite, the baking of the birthday cake. There was no fondant involved back then, just lots of tasting the ingredients while sticking Smarties on with buttercream icing to get the desired look.

Sadly I think with life getting busier and pressures intensified. We have lost the fun of party planning. Who doesn’t want to have the perfect social media party.  And to make it even harder, the function room hire, entertainment hire, purchased cake and decorations push us over budget or make us feel guilty about the amount of plastic pollution we added to the never ending war on waste.

From all this Little One’s Party hire was born!

The Mission

Stop the stress and overwhelm.

Plan fun, Insta-worthy parties.

Protect this planet for future generations.

The Balloon Library

Since I believe birthday parties should be sustainable, I am not a big fan of balloons. 

They are not eco-friendly, no matter what their marketing says. 

There is no such thing as an eco-friendly balloon!

Foil/Mylar balloons are particularly bad for the environment because these guys NEVER BIODEGRADE.

They are made from nylon (plastic material) with a Metallic coating which also makes them nearly impossible and very expensive to recycle. What we can do though, is reuse them.

The Balloon Library is a free community group where members borrow foil balloons for their celebrations.

We manage to get an average of 4 uses out of each balloon before we pay to have them recycled.

Join our community here – Balloon Library


I was so excited to win Highly Comended in the Sutherland Shire Local Business Awards. Not only did Brad and I enjoy a three-course meal without the children, but the acknowledgment that a child’s birthday party can be beautiful, budget-friendly, and fun without all the single-use plastic rubbish was the BEST feeling!

Thank you so much for the nomination and the votes.

Local business awards_Sutherland Shire_2021_winner_Debbie holder award

I was honoured to accept the Plastic Free Sutherland Shire Local Champion award for both Little Ones Party Hire and the Sutherland Shire Balloon Library.

The Local Champion award is given to organisations whose efforts reduce or eliminate the supply and use of single-use plastics and waste.

And that is EXACTLY why I started both these communities. I was so tired of struggling to host beautiful, fun parties for my boys while still protecting our beautiful planet.

And yes, they are both framed and on the wall in my office.

We are also a proud member of The Party Kit Network

Member of the Party Kit Network

Kids Parties Without The Waste

We like to party, we like to eco party

Have A Look

We have a great party resources list of local parks, entertainers, venues and more available in our Idea Hub. Kids birthday parties really do not need to be stressful, expensive and full of waste. Little Ones Party Hire is here to help! Give us a shout to discuss your birthday party needs.

Get Creative

If you enjoy planning your party or can’t find the exact theme you are looking for. You can choose to customise your party crate and build any party you like. 

We have a range of birthday party decorations and fun ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Our party hire is not exclusive to kids party hire, some of our clients have been very creative and hired our party crate and decorations for baby showers, picnics in the park and gatherings where there are plenty of guests.

We make it easy, cost effective and kind to the environment.